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Applications open on January 1st of each year with a deadline of the last Friday of February. Families must also complete the FACTS application through the Diocese of Dallas Catholic Schools Office.

Scholarship nominations are handled through each school’s principal’s office and are based on academic performance, character and participation in school activities. Recipients are selected by a committee of local professionals and will receive a scholarship covering up to 50% of tuition for one academic year. Students are eligible to receive a scholarship in subsequent years but must submit a new application each year.

To be nominated, a student must be enrolled in a local Catholic elementary school. If a student is not currently enrolled in a diocesan school and a family is interested in eligibility for nomination, the student can be enrolled in the school of his or her choice and the parent(s) can direct any further inquiries to the selected school’s principal. Also, at least one of the student’s parents had to be born outside of the U.S.

You can apply online or download our application and submit at a later time.

Scholarship Application in English

Solicitud de Beca en Español

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