Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply for a Jethsuby Scholarship?

Latino children who have at least one parent born outside the United States and are enrolled in or have applied to a Diocese of Dallas Catholic elementary school in grades 1 – 8.

Why do one or both parents have to be born outside the United States?

The founders of this scholarship believe immigrant parents have less advantages and are less likely to be able to afford private education for their children. The goal of this scholarship is to provide the best possible opportunity for immigrant children to succeed in today’s world.

Is it important to fill out the “Narrative description of need” section of the application?

Telling the selection committee your family’s story in this section is the most important part of the application. Without your story, everything else is just looking at numbers. The Jethsuby Fund supporters want to build a relationship with the scholarship recipients and their families so they can offer support throughout the year.

Why does the Jethsuby Scholarship fund only up to 50% of a child’s tuition?

The founders of this scholarship believe it is important for parents to be invested in their child’s education, as that shows a true commitment to private education. It also honors the parents’ dignity when they are able to contribute to their child’s education.

What if I miss the application filing deadline?

Missing the deadline will mean your child will not be considered for a scholarship. The selection committee meets, reviews the applications on file, and determines the current year’s recipients. After that process has occurred, no new applications will be considered.

Why do I have to submit a FACTS application along with the scholarship application?

FACTS is the tuition management and financial aid assessment tool used by the entire Diocese of Dallas Catholic school system. Using FACTS allows the Jethsuby Fund to determine recipients on the same basis as is used by the Diocese for their scholarship programs.

What if I don’t have my current year income tax return filed before the Jethsuby Scholarship deadline?

Fill out the FACTS application as early as possible with the information you have. That information will be saved in your FACTS file at the diocese, then you can send in your income tax information when you have it ready. Not having a FACTS application on file with the diocese may cause your child to not receive a Jethsuby Scholarship.

If my child received a Jethsuby Scholarship the previous year, why do I need to file a new application each year?

Families’ financial situations change all the time. Parents may lose jobs or possibly get better paying jobs that would enable them to pay the full tuition for their child, thus making that scholarship available for another family. Also, the scholarship is dependent upon the child’s performance in school and the family’s involvement in the church. Those are monitored with a new application each year.

Why do I need a recommendation letter from the pastor of my parish?

One of the criteria for the Jethsuby Scholarship is the family’s participation in and support of their church. The Jethsuby Fund wants to support those families who are dedicated to their faith and to rearing their children in that faith.

Why can high school students not apply for the Jethsuby Scholarship?

The Jethsuby Scholarship Founders decided to support children attending elementary schools only. There are many more funding opportunities for those attending high schools that are not available to those in lower grades.