21 Aug2017
2017 Scholarship Recipients Dinner


Drs. Monica Herrera and Jose Rivera Members of the Jethsuby Scholarship Fund Board of Directors

Catholic Brothers for Christ represented from left to right by Mr. Ah Sam, Mr. Sell, Mr. McGee and Mr. Duane. Ms. Cynthia Izaguirre and Jethsuby Scholar receiving check

Members of the Jethsuby Scholarship Fund Board of Directors: Fr. Eduardo Gonzales, Mr. Raul Estrada and Mrs. Carmen Estrada

Mr. Javier Vazquez and Mrs. Erica Vasquez

Bishop Greg Kelly and Drs. Jeff and Mayra Thompson

Mr. Blaine Reiney and Mrs. Norma Reiney

Drs. Jeff and Mayra Thompson, Mr. Alfredo Duarte and Mrs. Irma Duarte

Dr. Tina Vielma and Mr. Luis Boy and Mrs. Veronica Boy

Mrs. Pavani Chennareddy, Mr. Sriman Chennareddy, Mr. Jose Gonzalez, Mrs. Nancy Gonzalez, Ms. Constance Poitou and Mr. Daniel Chu

Mr. Joey Ah Sam and Mrs. Sharon Ah Sam

Dallas Catholic Schools Superintendent Mr. Matt Vereeke and Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Veronica Alonzo

Jethsuby Scholar Alexa Banda and her parents

Jethsuby Scholar Angel Ordaz, his parents, Mr. Tony Pacheco and Dr. Zuri Gonzalez with her son David (left to right)

Jethsuby Scholar Lorenzo Martinez and his parents

Dr. Mauricio Delgado, Mr. Ruben Rendon and Mrs. Norma Rendon

Jethsuby Scholar Benjamin Gonzalez, Mr. Juan Gonzalez, Jethsuby Scholar Josue Guardiola, Mrs. Irene Guardiola, Angel Tello and Bernardo Gonzalez

Dr. Philip Morales (center), Mr. Robert Rodriquez (right)

Dr. Tina Vielma, Mrs. Diane Farrell and Mrs. Irma Duarte

Mr. Matt Kramer (President of the Catholic Foundation) and Mr. Rick Self

Mrs. Cynthia Izaguirre and the 2017-2018 Jethsuby Scholars